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Short Film

Genre:  Black Comedy

Logline:  A young man’s life is abruptly thrown into disarray when the girl he loses his virginity to accuses him of rape. 

Set: Present Day

Comparables: Primal Fear, Doubt, The Hunt

* FULLY FINANCED - Currently in Pre-Production - Filming Set for Late August 2024.



Model student Aaron's life is thrown into disarray when attending Oxford University; after a drunken night with his new friends, a game of 'dare' is played, which results in a strong-willed, confident girl called Scarlett belittling Aaron about being a virgin. Not content with having embarrassed Aaron, Scarlett then decides later that night that Aaron was for the taking. Aaron awakes the next day to suddenly find himself accused of rape and must deal with the consequences that follow despite his constant protesting of his innocence. Lucy, his close friend, helps him through this difficult time.


Christian Stevens as Aaron
Will Gibson as Nick


Coming Soon...

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