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TV Series

Created and Written by Christian Stevens 

Format: TV Series (8 Episodes, 48-60 minutes)

Genre: Comedy/Drama

Logline: Four immature school friends explore the troubles and tribulations of adult life whilst attempting to find their unique places in the world and mature into responsible, fully developed adults.  

Set: Modern Day: London, Oxford, Krakow (Autumn, Winter)

Comparables: Atlanta, Fleabag, Master of None, Sex Education.

Imagine the awkwardness of The Inbetweeners, the self-awareness of Fleabag and the camaraderie of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.




Not Fully Developed is a British serial Comedy drama that primarily follows the growing up of Ed Cameron, a cheeky, twenty-one-year-old, and his three hopeless school friends, Matt Allen, Tom Barter and Billy "Tickles" Joyce. The story’s idea stems from the common fear among young people today of leaving school and entering the adult world.

The first eight episodes detail the boys’ immediate reaction to being adults as they begin to navigate their way through a time of uncertainty, fear and anxiety, as for the first time, they all gain responsibility and are forced to pave their own paths rather than blindly following the one that has always been set in stone for them.

The boys quickly learn that the childish antics they engage in now have real-world repercussions, not only in their own personal lives but also in their relationship with each other, as tensions arise when they start becoming responsible at different paces, with conflicting beliefs.



Christian Stevens as Ed Cameron
Will Gibson as Matt Allen

Season One


"Expect the Unexpected"

Ed is cut off, forcing him to grow up and go job hunting. Matt is put on a probation period at work due to his incompetent boss hiring two too many graduates, which inspires him to take a blind date in an attempt to make an impression. Much to his displeasure, Tom’s father continues to reach out to him, and Lily moves to London in search of a story, where she reconnects with Ed for the first time since school.


"The Kings of Cocking-up"

Ed starts his new job, where his is shown the ropes by Ellie. Tom secretly pays his mother an unexpected visit. Matt, with Tickles for support, takes his blind date to the surveyors’ event, where, thanks to Tickles, all hell breaks loose. Tom manages to gain a connection who can help kick-start his entrepreneurial career, while Lily meets her new roommate and attempts to coax Chris’ story out of Ed.



Ed heads home to appeal to his father, where he bumps into his twin, Max, before meeting up with Lily to introduce her to Chris and Wendy. Tickles is sent to find The Star, a new house larger distributor and has the best day of his life whilst Matt fights the urge to come clean to his boss about his lacklustre date, and Tom meets up with his new connection, which does not go the way he hoped it would.


"Kracking on in Krakow"

With the Boys all struggling with their own self-doubt and in need of a break, they head to Krakow, Poland, for a long weekend, where the four discover not so much about the stunning medieval city but rather a lot about themselves, whilst Lily is left, hurt and confused, at the cold shoulder Ed is giving her.


"Al Capone vs the Ewok"

Back from Krakow and all in high spirits, Tom takes a chance with his business plan, Tickles is given a warning at work and told The Star is likely to be closed by Christmas. Ed tries to make it up to Lily at their eventful School Reunion, where, in their attempts to mature, they are forced to confront their pasts.


"Half-Pint of Maturity"

Ed and Lily finish writing their play and ask Tom to set them up with his industry connections. Matt is involved in a mix-up at work and is taught a lesson by the company CEO, whilst Tickles’ alcoholic antics finally cross the line. Lily’s best friends from Cambridge visit and cause an unexpected rift, but leave Tickles with an idea to win his job back and save The Star.



Tickles gets started on his master plan to save the Star, only for his previous actions to come back to haunt him. Ed worries about Trowser, Lily preps Tom for his upcoming meeting with his so-called connections and Tickles hits rock bottom after a miscommunication with Neo, results in a bust up with Matt and Tom. 


"Never Lose the Child in You"

Ed quits Greggs on a high from Tom’s news of his and Lily’s play being picked up by the West End. With the help of Den, Tickles convinces his boss to embrace change and allow the party to go ahead at the Star. Matt is disgusted to learn of Tickles’ new found sobriety, and his mood only worsens when he bumps into Lily whilst running party errands. Tom frets having lied about ever having connections, and Ed is brought crashing back down to earth...


Coming Soon...

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